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Lawn Cemetery Tributes

Council has adopted a Cemetery Strategy that outlines the placement of tributes at Lawn Cemeteries. The following are extracts from this Strategy:

Section 1 (e) of Council’s Cemetery Procedures (also included in Council’s adopted Cemetery Strategy), states that:

Council may remove and dispose of any item (including monuments, cremated remains or floral tributes) placed on, in or nearby any burial site or any other part of a cemetery, that is not approved or in a manner that is not approved by a burial right or monument permit.

Section 7 (b)(i) also states that:

(4) The placing of glass containers, vases or jars inside the cemetery boundary is prohibited.
(5) Only approved flower containers (supplied by Council) are to be used.

Council has installed signageat both lawn cemeteries advising the community of the terms and conditions associated with interments in the lawn cemeteries. These conditions are also outlined in Council’s Conditions of Burial Rights signed by grantees when applying for a burial right or for the placing of ashes within Council’s cemeteries.

  • Following these enquiries, Council officers will, as an interim measure, do the following:
  • Continue to remove any prohibited items (as per the policies and procedures) and which are or have the potential to become a safety issue for Council staff or visitors to the cemetery;
  • Retain items removed from the lawn cemetery for a maximum of one month in the event that family members contact Council and wish collect the item(s);
  • Continue to inform the public of Council’s policies and procedures relating to prohibited items;
  • Council staff will carry out a full sweep of the lawn cemeteries and remove all prohibited items prior to Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Christmas Day. Council will advertise in the local media prior to each of these major removal dates;
  • Council staff will continue to show discretion around birthday and anniversary dates of those interred in the lawn cemeteries.