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Council’s Burial records were those received when taking over the management of the cemeteries in the 1960s. Control of public cemeteries was altered by the Local Government Amendment Act No. 52 (Control of Cemeteries) which appointed Councils throughout New South Wales as Trustees of public cemeteries in their area. Up to this time, local parishes/church trustees conducted burials. Council requested all records from churches, funeral directors, and gravediggers, however not all were received. Please note that all Council’s cemeteries have “unknown” and “unmarked’ graves. Burial records prior to the 1960s are incomplete making it difficult in some cases to be sure where a person has been interred. Please refer to Council's Burial Register for further information.  

Family History Enquiries

The Cessnock Family History Group is available to provide assistance with Family History searches. The group operate from Stan Parkes Local Studies Room at Cessnock City Library 65-67 Vincent St, Cessnock on Mondays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and Tuesdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.  Other times by appointment.   

You can contact the group in the following ways; 

Postal Requests

Cessnock Family History Group
c/- Cessnock City Library
PO Box 152


Useful Links

Australian Cemeteries Index -  this index provides a searchable data base for all cemetery inscriptions that have been recorded by the authors. It is intended to be a useful tool for those researching their family history. The index contains details of headstones from a number of cemeteries in Australia including photographs. It does contain some cemeteries within the Maitland area.

Cessnock Family History Group – this site is useful for family history requests. A large part of the activities involve answering research requests, either in person, when members are in attendance at the Library or via mail.   They currently hold many resources in the form of microfilm, microfiche, CDs and books.  A list of our resources is available in the Local Studies Room at Cessnock City Library.  They have many cemetery lists, in book form and electronic format, from local areas as well as other areas of NSW.

Australian Cemeteries - an Australian Family History dedicated website.

National Archives of Australia- Family History - a webpage of the ACT based National Archives of Australia (NAA) website dedicated to Family History searches.

Australasian Association of Geneologists & Record Agents Inc - the Australasian Association of Genealogists and Record Agents (AAGRA) was founded in 1977. It aims to offer the services of reliable and competent genealogists and record agents to those wanting professional Family History and genealogy services and general record searching.

NSW Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages - this government department registers New South Wales life events accurately and securely for all time, ensuring their integrity and confidentiality. This includes the registration of births, deaths and marriages and official changes of name and sex.

National Trust of Australia - Cemeteries - discover vital heritage related information relating to the management of cemeteries in Australia.

For further information contact Council’s Cemetery Officer on (02) 4993 4220 or