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Cemetery Forms

Approvals must be granted by Council prior to any works occurring in cemeteries. Application forms are:


An Application for Order of Interment is an application for a burial plot within a Council cemetery

An Application for Perpetual Interment Right is completed by someone looking to reserve a burial plot for themselves or other family members.

An Application for Plaque and Ashes Placement in an existing grave, niche, garden or lawn is an application for the internment of ashes into an existing burial plot within Council's cemeteries.  

An Application to Cancel a Burial Right/Reservation is an application to cancel a burial reservation within a Council cemetery

Application for a License to Work in a Council Cemetery must be submitted and approved by Council before conducting any works within a Council Cemetery. This includes grave digging, funeral services and monumental works.   

Monumental Work

An Application for Erection of Monumental Work  is an application for the erection of monumental work including headstones within a Council cemetery.

Plaque information

An Application for Plaque Wording/Placements an application for the placement of the plaque with Council Cemeteries.  

For further information contact Council’s Cemetery Officer on (02) 4993 4220 or