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Business Development

Economic Development Planning

One of Cessnock City Council’s stated goals is:

‘To actively foster the creation of employment and sustainable development opportunities acceptable to community and environmental standards’.

It has been recognised that, in order to achieve this goal, Council has a role as a leader and provider in the community that extends beyond what has traditionally been seen as local government activity.

The creation of sustainable employment for the members of the local community is one of Council’s chief concerns. In order to generate the right environment to nurture private sector job creation, Cessnock City Council strives to:

  • Develop and consistently apply employment generating policies,
  • Develop mutually beneficial partnerships with the local business community,
  • Encourage appropriate industries to establish or relocate to the area,
  • Support new and existing businesses,
  • Participate in regional economic development activities,
  • Market and promote Cessnock City for business investment,
  • Continue to provide land suitably zoned for appropriate commercial and industrial activities, and
  • Secure outside funding for projects that will contribute to the creation of jobs in Cessnock City.

Cessnock City Council’s adopted Cessnock 2020 Community Strategic Plan identified the community desired an outcome of “A sustainable and prosperous economy”. This encompasses “the need to attract a diverse range of businesses, industries and services together with improved access to education, training, and employment opportunities to ensure we have a sustainable and prosperous economy”. It has been recognised that in order to achieve this outcome, Cessnock City Council has a role both as a leader and partner to advocate for economic development and investment across our local government area.

Economic Development Objectives

The objectives inherent in Council’s Economic Development Strategy are:

  • to provide local employment opportunities and optimise job opportunities for residents,
  • to retain existing businesses and enhance their economic performance,
  • to attract suitable new businesses ,
  • to strengthen and further develop the local economy,
  • to develop mutually beneficial, cooperative partnerships with the local business community,
  • to ensure that Council is continually responsive to the needs of the local community and the local business community,
  • to recognise and capitalise on the inherent and developable competitive strengths of the LGA,
  • to effectively address the weaknesses and constraints which may limit the Local Government area’s economic performance, and
  • to create a positive, cooperative and supportive business environment.

Council undertakes, encourages and participates in a variety of economic development and tourism projects in conjunction with local and regional business and tourism groups, local and State Government bodies and industry.

Business Support

The Cessnock City Council’s Economic Development Unit is advancing economic growth in our region by forming strategic partnerships and developing joint projects with local business. Funding for economic development is actively sourced through all levels of government, business organisations and associations, and industry. Please refer to Advance Cessnock City for your business support needs.

Business and Lifestyle Investment

In Cessnock City you will find a pleasing balance between business and lifestyle. A progressive business culture, affordable land, established infrastructure, and easy access to domestic and international markets is complemented by an outstanding natural environment and a supportive, inclusive community – all in the heart of the Hunter. In Cessnock City, we love where we live! Buying or starting up a business is a great decision within the Hunter Valley – and calling Cessnock home brings a range of lifestyle benefits. Move to Cessnock City, NSW, Australia for lifestyle, proximity and become part of our friendly community. 

For more information on business investment in Cessnock City, please visit Advance Cessnock City our business investment attraction website, or  contact the Economic Development Unit on 02 4993 4185 or 02 4993 4257.