• Narelle Campbell named Cessnock’s Australia Day Ambassador
    Cessnock City Council is excited to announce Narelle Campbell as our 2018 Australia Day Ambassador, who will no doubt give an interesting address at our official Australia Day celebrations after leading four ‘over winter’ teams in the remote Australian Antarctic Territory.
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Advance Cessnock City

Advance Cessnock City 

Advance Cessnock City is a strategic partnership between Cessnock City Council, local Chambers of Commerce, and key business leaders across the region. 

The partnership was established to bring together economic development stakeholders to capitalise on our advantages as a region and to realise a shared vision of future economic resilience and prosperity in the Cessnock local government area.

Advance Cessnock City leverages the combined knowledge and resources of the strategic partners to advance economic development through business growth and investment opportunities in our region. To develop and implement business retention, growth, and investment programs, Advance Cessnock City needs to create an environment conducive to good business.  Partnering with local Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations is fundamental to achieving this.

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