September 2016

An exciting new initiative by the Office of Local Government means it is now easier than ever to keep your beloved furry family member’s registration details up-to-date. The NSW Pet Registry means you can easily register your pet, update your contact details, report your pet missing/found, transfer ownership and pay lifetime registration fees straight from your computer, tablet or smart phone device.

All cats and dogs in NSW are required to be microchipped and this information placed on the registry before twelve (12) weeks of age. This means your cat or dog’s details should already be on the registry ready for you to access. Jump online now and keep your mate safe

School holidays start this weekend so school children will have extra time to spend with their pets. Just remember if you are out and about walking your dog over the break, you need to keep them on a leash and under control. Don’t forget there are also a number of Off-Leash Exercise Areas for you to use

The 40km limit in School Zones will start again on Monday 10 October. Remember to slow down and choose safety over convenience by parking legally.          

Council manages parking restrictions on regional and local roads. Local parking restrictions are designed to encourage pedestrian safety, passenger safety during pick up or drop off, safer driving conditions and better use of limited on-street parking.

Designated parking areas and time restrictions are used to help regulate parking so vacant spaces are available. When parking your car double check the parking signs to make sure you are parked correctly and know how long you are allowed to stay in the bay. For information about traffic management and parking visit