• Cessnock paves the way for local roads across the country
    Councils across Australia backed Cessnock City Council’s motion at the National General Assembly of Local Government, urging the Federal Government to step in and address growing local infrastructure backlogs, while as the same time generating work creating national economic stimulus. 
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August 2016

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes sunny days, spring blooms and lawn mowing. As the weather warms up grass flourishes and lawns need to be mowed more often.

Having a regular lawn mowing routine will make the task easier and keep your yard looking neat and tidy. Ask the kids to pitch in, negotiate with your partner, offer to mow next doors lawn or even set up a neighbourhood roster to tackle a few yards at once so everyone gets a week off.   Council Rangers often receive complaints about residential properties being overgrown. It is up to each resident to maintain their properties so they do not become overgrown and a home to vermin. This is particularly important in late spring and summer as snakes come out of hibernation.  

Last month Council Rangers impounded 65 dogs of which 36 were returned safely home. We like happy reunions but unfortunately often we can’t return pets directly home because their microchip details are out of date or they do not have a microchip. By microchipping your pet and keeping your registration information up-to-date when you move house or change contact details helps us reunite you with your pet if they are ever lost. Please contact the RSPCA if your pet is missing because it may be there waiting for you.  

You can find change of address and ownership forms free here    

If your puppy likes to dig their way out of your yard, here’s some useful tips to help prevent them escaping:    

  • spray citronella on the area they are digging and on the fence as dogs dislike the smell.  
  • install chicken wire 30cm (a foot or so) against your fence or try placing it flat on the ground so they can’t dig down.
  • scatter some of your doggy’s doo where they are digging as they often won’t dig where their toilet is.  

Before spring is really ‘in the air’ have your cat or dog desexed to avoid any unplanned pet additions to your family. Council rangers love to work closely with Hunter Animal Watch, who is a member of Animals Australia. Hunter Animal Watch operate a subsidised pet spay/neuter program to financially assist pensioners and the unemployed. This is a great program and for more information go to or call 4961 6133.