September 2017

Spring has sprung and with it comes warmer weather and beautiful blooms, but it also means the dreaded magpie season is upon us!

While magpies play an important role in our environment, they are well known for swooping humans during their breeding season from July to December, with September being the peak swooping month.

A fun project for kids these school holidays is to make a magpie-proof hat using an old ice-cream bucket and painting eyes on the back. Kids can wear the hat over their helmet when riding their bikes to prevent them being attacked.

There are several things you can do to try and discourage magpies from nesting in your yard, including not feeding them or leaving rubbish around and removing unnecessary sources of water.

It is important not to remove or destroy nests or eggs and we encourage you to call NSW Parks and Wildlife Service on 1300 PARKS to report magpies.

As the weather warms up, the grass will also flourish meaning lawns will need to be mowed more often to prevent vermin, snakes and complaints from the neighbours about your property about being overgrown.

Having a regular lawn mowing routine will make the job a whole lot easier and keep your yard looking nice and tidy.

Spring is also a timely reminder not to leave your dogs in the car on warm days as it can take just minutes for them to suffer from heat stroke.

Temperatures in a car can rise to more than double the outside temperature and dogs travelling on the back of utes can also burn their footpads or bodies.

While we’re on the topic of dogs, we’re pleased to now offer FREE dog tags to local residents which can be picked up from our Customer Service Centre on Vincent Street. The tags can be engraved with your details and attached to your dog’s collar to ensure they’re easily identified if they become lost.

While you’re in picking up your free dog tag, it’s a great opportunity to make sure your registration and contact details are up to date on our system so your furry friend can be promptly returned to you if they wander off!