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October 2016

Nobody likes an abandoned trolley. They are an unsightly hazard and seem to pop up far from where you would expect them to be. Introducing Trolley Tracker™ a very simple and rewarding initiative returning trolleys to where they belong.

Using Trolley Tracker™ the public can report wayward trolleys. This useful information is then passed on to the appropriate collection contractor. If you spot an abandoned trolley you can report in using the Trolley Tracker™ smartphone app, online or via the call centre 1800 641 497, which is open from 8 AM to 6 PM AEST, seven days a week. By simply reporting an adventurous trolley you have the chance to win some great prizes.  

Find out more at and help us keep our community free from trolley traffic.   

Our very own Ranger Kurt is also on an adventure this week. He is attending the Australian Institute of Animal Management Conference where he has been asked to speak about some of Cessnock City Councils key programs. This ‘Tail of Compliance’ will share the importance of compliance and enforcement while also working closely with the community by providing support and education initiatives including the Desexing program, Free Microchip Day, School Education Program and the Community Survey. It is great to see Cessnock City Council Rangers recognised nationally for the initiatives in this area.     

Learn more about these programs  

Thank you to everyone who took part in our recent Community Survey, getting feedback from you was really important to us. A large portion of people agreed that our educational programs were essential, with 89% supporting education strategies and actions. However, when there is a risk to public safety however, for example school zones or dangerous dogs, 91% of people said they understood and supported the need for enforcement action when people do the wrong thing.  

As the weather warms up snakes become more active and may become unwanted visitors in their search for water or a place to sun themselves. We recommend clearing out any areas of your yard that could encourage a snake to take up residence and keeping your garden well maintained. If you do find a snake on your property do not attempt to move it yourself. There are a number of trained snake catchers in the area including the Cessnock District Rescue Squad (02 49912444) who will be able to assist you. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the snake from a safe distance while you are waiting for the snake catcher to arrive to make sure it is still there and not in a new hiding spot.