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    Cessnock City Council is proud to have worked with the local community to present another fantastic program of events and activities for NAIDOC Week 2018 across the LGA, and everyone is invited to join in. 
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June 2017

Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in our competition to find Cessnock’s cutest pet! We had an overwhelming response to the competition, with over 200 entries and while there was some pretty stiff competition, there could only be one winner.

Miss Penny, who is a 12 week old mini Dachshund, took out the crown for Cessnock’s cutest pet with over 1,200 likes on Facebook. Proud owners Amanda and Chris were chuffed with the announcement and took home a $200 Goldmans Petland voucher to spoil and pamper their much-loved pooch.  

While puppies were very much in the spotlight throughout the competition, it’s important to remember that responsible pet ownership applies to all animals, including cats.  

Responsible cat ownership includes proper housing, feeding, control, care and breeding.  

One of the most important things is to make sure your cat can be readily identified with a collar, tag and microchip. Proper identification ensures that your cat is returned to you as soon as possible and is not mistaken for being unowned.  

Cat owners also need to be aware of the problems which can occur if they are allowed to roam as they can cause considerable damage to the environment.  

While it is not an offence under the Companions Animals Act 1998 for a cat to roam, Cessnock City Council urges cat owners to keep their cats indoors at night. This is to protect the wonderful native birds and animals that also call Cessnock home.  

If you have spotted a feral cat on your property, Council can supply you with a cat trap. Cat traps will only be loaned out for the genuine removal of a feral or unowned cat as those identified with a collar or microchip must be released immediately.  

Cat traps must only be used on private property and will only be loaned out for a period of time negotiated with a Cessnock City Council Ranger, normally one week.    

Key things to keep in mind to be a responsible cat owner are:

  • make sure your cat is registered with Council
  • make sure your cat is identified with a collar, tag and microchip
  • keep your cat indoors at night
  • desex your cat as early as possible
  • clean up after your pet.