February 2018

Pedestrian safety has always been a top priority across our region and the latest crackdown by the NSW Government is aimed at putting pedestrian safety first and we’re encouraging local residents to take extra caution.  

The crackdown will mean people caught doing the wrong thing will receive an even bigger fine, hitting motorists hard in the hip pocket and if you are caught doing the wrong thing in a school zone you will lose two demerit points.  

The changes have resulted in several penalties for offences being increased and in some cases more than doubled.  

Residents doing the school drop off and pick up are strongly encouraged, more than ever before, to choose safety over convenience and park legally around schools.  

All drivers are warned that stopping or parking on a footpath/nature strip will now result in a fine of $257.

Other offences attract a whopping $439 fine, including stopping within 20 metres of an intersection with traffic lights, within 10 metres of one without lights or stopping near bicycle lights.

The biggest change is for stopping over a pedestrian crossing or otherwise obstructing access to a ramp, path or passageway. Before the crackdown, this offence attracted a $110 fine, yet it will now cost you $330.

Drivers are also reminded that they must park their vehicle in the direction of travel or you will face a $330 infringement notice.  

School zones get particularly busy in peak drop off and pick up periods and people parking illegally put not only children at risk but every pedestrian at risk of being involved in an accident.  

The increases to infringements relating to pedestrian safety is now effective. For more information on the changes, visit www.rms.nsw.gov.au.