May 2016

When your pet is out and about you are responsible for its actions. Be mindful when your pet is around other dogs, animals and humans. If your pet does not play well with others, make sure you keep them on a lead or a muzzle if necessary. This applies to off leash areas too. You must be able to keep your dog under control at all times, even when he is excited to be at the dog park with his mates. If you’re taking your dog to the park or for a walk make sure you leave no trace of poop behind and dispose of your poop bag in the nearest bin. Off-leash areas have bins emptied regularly by Council for your convenience.

Keeping livestock in residential areas is not recommended and will most likely result in annoyed neighbours. If you are thinking about getting non domestic animals, here are some handy facts for you to consider.

  1.  To keep livestock, you must have appropriate fencing or you neighbours will be asking who let the cows out?
  2. NSW legislation has strict guidelines for keeping chickens in residential areas. Some chicken coops require a Development Application to be lodged.
  3. Roosters look nice but don’t produce any eggs and are noisy. Do your neighbours a favour and don’t keep roosters in residential areas.
  4. Please remember Council does not permit the keeping of pigs in residential areas. All pigs including miniature pigs belong on a farm 60 metres away from any dwelling.

If you have a question on keeping livestock on your property please contact Council Rangers on 02 4993 4300.