April 2016

Are you a senior citizen or have a pension card? If you answered yes, your pet may be eligible for Cessnock City Council’s free desexing program. The RSPCA receives more than 125,000 animals every year and many of these unwanted animals are the result of unplanned breeding.

There are many reasons why desexing your animal is a good idea. There is evidence desexed animals can in fact live longer! Desexed animals are generally less likely to get diseases and illnesses associated with breeding. You’ll also see behavioural changes in your pet. Problems such as roaming, aggression and urine marking will be a thing of the past. Males will have lessened levels of aggression and in females it prevents false pregnancy. Reducing the desire to roam to find a mate will also reduce the risk of your pet attempting an escape, which could result in a traumatic accident such as being hit by a car.

Thanks to the funding from the Office of Local Government, Council Rangers are still running the desexing program aimed to promote responsible pet ownership in the local government area. We have partnered with the RSPCA to assist the community to make sure your cat or dog are not having unexpected kittens or puppies.  

If you would like more information on this great service call Customer Service on 02 4993 4300.