• eSmart workshop for parents
      Local parents are invited to attend a free eSmart workshop from 5.30-6.30pm on Wednesday 30 May at Cessnock Library which will provide an insight into the online worlds of young people.
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Looking After Your Pet

A new puppy or kitten comes with responsibilities and Council Rangers ask you to visit your vet, register and socialise your pet.

Council’s Ranger Services team is friendly and helpful. Their aim is to help animal owners take proper care of their pets.

Attach an ID tag to your pet’s collar, stating the pet’s name and owner’s contact phone number. Keep your pet off the streets and your neighbour’s property.

Provide your pet with food, water, shelter, veterinary car and most of all, time and companionship.

If your pet is missing, immediately contact Cessnock City Council’s Customer Service on 4993 4100 to inform our friendly staff that you have lost your pet. Also you can contact the RSPCA on 4939 1574.

It is advisable to lock your cat up at night to prevent your cat from attacking other animals. Studies have revealed cats that are kept in at night live longer.

For further information on keeping your pet safe and sound contact Council on 4993 4100

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