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Animal Registration

All dog and cat owners are now required to take two steps to protect their pet for life. Step one is permanent identification through micro chipping which can be done by your veterinarian, RSPCA or Council Rangers. Step two is lifetime registration through Council.

How Much Does Registration Cost?

To find out the current lifetime registration fees (valid for the cat or dog's lifetime) visit the Office of Local Government 

NSW Pet Registry

It is now easier than ever to keep your beloved furry family member’s registration details up-to-date with the NSW Pet Registry. This means you can easily register your pet, update your contact details, report your pet missing/found, transfer ownership of a pet and pay lifetime registration fees straight from your computer, tablet or smart phone device. 

All cats and dogs in NSW are required to be microchipped and this information placed on the registry before twelve (12) weeks of age. This means your cat or dog’s details should already be on the registry ready for you to access. If you are not sure of your pet’s microchip number, you can contact your local vet to see if they have it on file. If they don’t have a record, you can attend your local vet and have them scan your pet, at which point they will be able to confirm you are the owner and provide you with the microchip number for your records. If your pet is not microchipped, the vet can make sure this is done for you and add the information to the NSW Pet Registry. 

Once you have your pet’s microchip number, go to On the home page you will be given the option to set up your ‘Pet Owner Profile’. Once set up, you can enter your pet’s microchip details and ‘claim’ them, which links them to your profile. Now that your pet’s details are linked to your Pet Owner Profile you can update their status (i.e. home/missing), name identifying marks and your home address. You also have the option to transfer ownership online whereby you nominate the new owner of the animal and they ‘claim’ the animal as their own. 

In a few simple steps your mate’s registration can be kept up-to-date to ensure they can be reunited with you quickly should they ever become lost. Jump online now and keep your mate safe –